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Mark Chandler - senior vice president of legal services and general counsel of Cisco Systems - said that "technology companies all too often find themselves as defendants in patent suits". Is it a sign that software patents contribute negatively to the benefit balance of the patent system for software firms?
by: zoobabzoobab
11 Sep 2008 09:39
2 by schestowitzschestowitz
11 Sep 2008 13:51 Jump!
An article published in mentions that McCain supports software patents.
by: zoobabzoobab
09 Sep 2008 14:50
Thanks to a french translator we have the banners available in French. You can also submit banners translated in your language and we will put them on the banners page.
by: zoobabzoobab
09 Sep 2008 08:08
Carly Fiorina found that more patents mean more innovation, so she started patent inflation policy at HP. Now she advises McCain.
by: arebentiarebenti
04 Sep 2008 22:05
2 by schestowitzschestowitz
06 Sep 2008 10:15 Jump!
A lot of examiners of the European Patent Office are present on Facebook. Invite them to join the cause!
by: zoobabzoobab
05 Sep 2008 14:28
2 by schestowitzschestowitz
06 Sep 2008 10:13 Jump!
AT&T patent perpetrator tries to censor a blogger about their "pursuit of more patents". The blogger has published a picture of an advertisement poster paid by "AT&T Intellectual Property" sponsoring the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week.
by: zoobabzoobab
04 Sep 2008 19:05
2 by schestowitzschestowitz
06 Sep 2008 08:27 Jump!
IP-watch tell us that BSA went to lobby Obama at the Democratic Convention in Denver with a list of principles, where the first one is "inspire creativity and innovation through strong, comprehensive, and enforceable intellectual property policies, including copyright, patent and trademark laws." Software patents are definitely on the top of the agenda of American multinationals. BSA does not has any small software company in its members, and Microsoft more active then the other members in using the association as a vector for its purposes.
by: zoobabzoobab
06 Sep 2008 06:48
2 by zoobabzoobab
06 Sep 2008 07:14 Jump!
McCain is advised by pro-software patent lobbyist Ray Gifford, ex-President of the Progress & Freedom Foundation (a Washington 'think-tank' notably financed by Microsoft lobby proxy CompTIA). Gifford was speaking in a conference Europe about the failed software patent directive with all the pro-software patent lobbyists. Progress & Freedom Foundation runs the IPCentral blog.
by: zoobabzoobab
04 Sep 2008 16:15
4 by arebentiarebenti
04 Sep 2008 18:45 Jump!
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