Lemley's amicus brief on the Bilski case

Lemley's amicus brief on the Bilski case

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Both the language of section 101 and the legislative history surrounding the
enactment of that suggestion are expansive, permitting patent protection for
_nactn_el_t of ll\al suggeslion al.e exphnsive, pel.miWil_g palent pl.otection for
"anytl_ing undel. U_e sLln lnade by" hulnan eL_deavol.. Diolllol7rf \7. clTnm.n_at._l 7
U.S. 303, 309 (1980) (_uoling S. Rep. No. 197g, 82"' Conp., z'" Sess. s (1_5±);
H.R. Rep. No. 1_23, B2"' Col_g., ±"' Sess. 6 (19S±)). Thht e_Uhnsivc sco_e |.eneIts
a wise policy jLldgLnel_l not lo disIourage innovat¡on in l_ew _nd Lll_fol.eseel_ hre_s
of lechnology by ilnposing al.bitl.ary lilnils ol_ tl_e sIope of _alel_l pl.otectiol_.
AL_y altelnpl lo limit _atentable subjecl ln_neL. by identi_inp _olne aL.eas of
technology as unpatentable woLlld Likely _e ul_sLlccesshll. The history of Pfforts to
cabiLI palentabiliy of sokwal.e, beginnil_g wilh Gol_slllnlk v. B_tTJOll, 409 U.S. _3
(1972), and endil_g wiU_ AT_T v. E_Pl, 17± F.3d 13s± (Fed. Cil.. lg99), is not
encoul.aging. TIIis Coul_, ivs pl.edecessol., alld llFe SLlptelne Coul_ have |.epeatedLy
sought to dl.aw lines betweeL_ sokwal.e ilTveL_lions tL
l il_volved physic_l
tL.ansfol.lnalion and those lhal l.epresented lnerely lnenlal steps ol. Lnatl_elnalical
aLgol.ithn_s. Al each tUl.L_, lhose lines _LFitkly el.oded ol. h_d to _e a_al_dolled as
ul_woL.kable. Wol.sP, tlley wel.e l.eadily palned, le_dinp lo whal Cohen and Lelnlcy
have called "tlTe doctril_e of the ln_gic wotds " ill wl_icl_ sohware couLd bP e_sily
patented by tl_ose "in the IUTOW," n_el.ely by Lltilizing cel_ail\ clailn lal_guhge lo


describe an invention indistillgLlisl_able in sLLb_taLIc_ fl.oln a sccol_d clail__ Ulht
would be rejected.
lf lhe pl.obleln wPl.e merely tl_Bt limiting _atel_lable su_ject lnallel. l.e_LLired
llle drawil\g of arbi_._ly lines, thal fatt lnigl_t LIOt _loL\e _e el_ougl_ to concLLlde tl_at
tl\e effolt should be abal_dolled. But tl_e _l.o_Lcln is wol.se tl__n th_t. Al.bitl.ary
lilnits on the patenlability of paltituLal. types or invelIlions c_n intel.fel.e with the
pLlryoses or lhe patenl systeln. New and l\olTobvious ideas _o |_ot _|.i_e ollly il_
fields of cndeavol. classically denolnil_ated "IPcl\llological." Nol. _o ll_ey _lways
invoLve lhe _llysical tl.ansforlnhtion of maLel.ial. Alld even wl_en ll_ey do, UIe new
aLld nonobvioLls invel_liol_ okclT resides noL il\ tl_e kal_sfol.|\\ation, _Llt in lhP ll\elIlal
illsight that a _articLlla_ tl.ansforlnatioll would l_hve _n ulIex_ecled value. Lilniling
patelll Ul.olect¡on to classical physical _._Tsfol_natiol\s al_d exclLldil\p inventions
based on lncntal sleps ol. discoveries of llaLLlral _l_enolncl_a ll_iphl h_ve UL.oblen_alic
conse_Llel_ces fol. a val.iety or ¡ndLEstl.ies, intludilIg |_ol just coln_LllPl. sohwaL.e bLlt
il_dusll.¡es lil<e phal.lnaceuticals aL_d biotecl_llology for whoL_T _hlent proteclion is
Il.itical. Inslead, UatelIl ptotettion sllould be avai_a_le fDl. IIew _nd l_ol\obvious
advances in any field, _|.ovided tl_ey il\volve lhe yl.attical _pplic_tion of a ITew i_e_
OT discovery.
We do IIOt il_lel_d lo s_ggest thal business lnethod al_d sofiwaL.e _atent_
_l.esPnl no problelns fol. socicty. Palel_ts aL.e solnetilnes wl.ongly issLled ill tl_ese

fields, and those patems can llave pelnicious consP_Llellces. Bul llle solLltion lo tlTe
probleln of bad patents in lhe soRwal.e and business metl_od fields is not the
cl.eation of absoLute |.Llles againsl patent>bilily, _ut tl_e aU_lication of existiI_g
doclrines designed to weed DUt bad patents, and if necessal.y lhe L.efol.Ln of otllel.
doctl.il_es lhat encoul.age liligatiol_ abuse. ReleL_t decisions, ¡llcludinp WSR, eBnl_
and SP_gntP, give the CO_IL_ |__any ofthe lools it |_eeds botl\ to wPed out bad U_t_nls
and to lilnit U_e Llse ofyalents to hold up an indLlsll.y. lndeed, ol\e oftl\e lessol_s of
lhe pl.iol. era of l.estriclive subject lnaneL. is that il_ pl.illI_ry effccl was L_Ol to
_l.evel_t thP patPnting of sohwal.e, but to n_ake it llal.det fol. llle PTO __d COLIL._S to
identify and weed oul tllose _ad patents.