Thank you for signing! How you can help

What can I do next?

1. Donate money: the patent industry is a rich and wealthy business which is able to dispose of large sums of money to lobby decision makes and organise nice and expensive cocktails and dinners. We encourage you to donate a substantial amount of money to kick their ass.
2. Contact other peple in your country: we have setup a system of public forums and mailing-lists where you can share information on how to organise yourself with other people
3. Send a nice paper letter to your politician: please help the community to identify who is the legislator in your country and how to change the law. Howto create succeed against software patents means that you have to modify your message in function of which political party you are talking to.
4. Help to create a coalition: in most countries, small software authors and companies are not very well organised and do not have a common voice. In some countries, those industry associations are not reprensenting the voice of small companies, and multinationals have too much power.
5. Translate the petition in your language:
6. Participate in events: check our agenda and subscribe here to receive alerts about events in your country.
7. Watch the todolist: We need people to help with the campaign by creating banners, flyers, etc… If you have any artisti
8. Submit your ideas on how to defeat the patent industry and win the war.