Dr. Heiner Flocke: there is already, and the notion of "Raising the Bar" by the President of the EPO is a correct and courageous step. courageous because the EPO in a conflict of interest and a decline in its grants Reduced revenue. The Board, the highest supervisory body
Of European Patent Office, sit 34 Member States, each sends two representatives. These are almost exclusively representatives of the Chief floors of the national patent offices, So the experts from the patent field. Half of the Annual fees but the national patent offices as well. It
Is an non-European Organization created - in addition to 6,500 employees, the third largest in the world — Which itself controls and which
benefits. This construction would I any case change and wonder whether something is ever permissible. But what Court should answer this question? What Parliament is responsible and can bring legislate? The patent system but essentially concerns the economy. But the economy is in this control panel, the Board not represented. It is not a medium-sized companies there. Not even someone from the Large industry or from the Associations. This is a very great criticism.